Kay Sutton has been with the SunStream Vacation Club team for almost 4 years as a Contract Processor. Originally from Springfield, Illinois, Kay urged for the sunshine and warmer climate, as she mentioned the, “Cold and snow are just not for me anymore!”

Prior to working with us, she worked for attorneys offices and handled timeshare closings. Kay is a Licensed Title Agent and says this has really helped her in being successful in her current position.

But “closing the deal” is not all Kay gets out working with SunStream, she really enjoys the interaction with owners & potential owners. There are many that she has become friends with and even considers some owners family. Not only that, Kay loves her SunStream family and says everyone is wonderful to work with.

When Kay isn’t working or creating lasting friendships with our owners, she enjoys bowling, taking vacations, hanging out with friends, and get this, she’s even a dare devil… sky diving and cliff diving are among her favorite hobbies too!

SunStream Vacation Club is very lucky to have Kay a part of our team and we hope the next time you are staying with us you get the chance to meet her if you haven’t already!