SunStream Vacation Club – FAQ’s

Can I finance my timeshare purchase?
Yes! We have financing plans available to fit most purchasers, with as little as 10% down.

Can I use the Hotel’s services, such as the Spa?
Yes! All of the resort amenities are available and many of them are discounted to timeshare owners.

Can my children use my week(s)?
Yes. Your children cannot only use your week(s), but because this is deeded real estate, you can pass this on to them, securing a lifetime of vacations for your family.

Can I give or rent my week(s) to friends or family?
Absolutely. It is your week, deeded and titled to use as you please.

Do I have to come to Florida?
Only if you want to! You have the flexibility to come to the beautiful DiamondHead Beach Resort & Spa every year or you can exchange your week(s) through Interval International and experience more than 2,300 affiliated resorts around the world.

Can I exchange my existing timeshare from another company to visit DiamondHead Beach Resort & Spa ?
Yes, however, only about 2% of Southwest Florida owners will give up their week for exchange (it’s that great here!). Your best opportunity is to become a SunStream Vacation Club Owner at DiamondHead Beach Resort & Spa .

Will my maintenance fees go up?
SunStream not only developed and built DiamondHead Beach Resort & Spa but has also successfully managed it since its inception. Because of SunStream’s extensive knowledge of operating expenses and preventative maintenance programs already in place, any increase in annual maintenance fees will only be attributed to the everyday pressures of inflation.

Who is SunStream?

SunStream is a full service hospitality management and development company with a 25 year legacy of providing luxury vacations to Southwest Florida visitors. SunStream has successfully managed and/or developed 900 villas with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Is my vacation investment protected against hurricane damage?
Absolutely! DiamondHead Beach Resort & Spa is insured against all perils with coverage in an amount equal to 100% of the replacement cost at time of loss.